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Steam Generation Products

The Steam Generation Products operates with the option of multi-fuel like wood, coal, diesel oil fired and furnace oil. Ensuring high thermal efficiency with maximum steam generation per unit of heating surface, these products are integrated with advanced technology. These are suitable for both general and demanding applications, as the product has ample of water space that can generate extra steam when required.

There is required reduced time and labor for cleaning and maintenance of these steam generation products as it is shop assembled with easy to access design. There are available different models of boilers in varied capacities to generate steam. It is capable of sustaining all types of load conditions with optimum steam delivery at high temperature. These products are easy to install and commission and are protected from poor water quality.

Vertical Smoke Tube Boiler

Vertical Smoke Tube Boiler is a cost effective and reliable solution for meeting the demands of steam generation. The entire design of the tube boiler is done such that it ensures easy access to inside chambers for easy cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the load condition, this boiler delivers steam and also there is large water space for meeting sudden and heavy demands.

  • Vertical type boiler
  • Multi-fuel options
  • Dry saturated steam
  • High efficiency with optimum heat transfer
  • Minimum radiation loss
  • Optimum delivery of steam to meet all load conditions
  • Ample water space for meeting sudden & heavy demands with extra steam
  • Shop assembled
  • Easy access for proper cleaning & maintenance
  • Insulated with mineral wool covered with sheet metal
  • Steam pressure generated: 6 kg/cm2 to 10.5 Kg/cm2 (90 to 150 PSI)

Model Capacity/Hr
SEI - 1 100 Kgs
SEI - 2 200 Kgs
SEI - 3 300 Kgs
SEI - 5 500 Kgs
SEI - 7 750 Kgs
SEI - 8 1000 Kgs

  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Diesel oil fired
  • Furnace oil

Horizontal Boiler

Horizontal boiler is a 3-pass smoke tube boiler operated with multi- fuel options to ensure high thermal efficiency. It is developed with advanced technology to generate dry type steam at high temperature which is suitable for varied applications in industries.

  • Lower power consumption
  • Suitable internal steam separator to ensure good quality
  • Dry stem automatic water level controller
  • Higher thermal efficiency
  • External or internal firing
  • Multi fuel options
  • Higher steam storage
  • Maximum steam generation per unit of heating surface
  • Pressure switch to get optimal stem to fuel ration
  • Dry steam with high temperature
  • Suitable for fluctuating load
  • Easy operational maintenance
  • Large dial steam pressure gauge, easily readable from a distance
  • Easy and quick erection and commissioning
  • Less susceptible to poor water quality

Type 3-pass smoke tube boilers
Capacity available 1 ton/hr to 20 ton/hr
Pressure generated 150 PSI to 250 PSI
Quality standards IBR, BS, ASME standards

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Wood
  • Coal

  • Fluidised bed combustion system
  • Water/ air pre heater
  • Trema cyclone
  • Agro waste fired

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