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Manufacture & Exporter of Oil Mill Machinery & Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

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Cooking Oil Refinery

We present one of the most developed Cooking Oil Refinery Plant for processing of edible oil. There are primarily involved two types of processing- batch type and continuous. Through these processes, the oil is separated from impurities and other materials that can make it unfit for edible purpose. The refinery plants process the oil in a series of procedures like neutralizing, bleaching and deodorizing.

The oil finally produced from the processing plant is of god quality with light color. Also, we take care that free fatty acids present in oil can be also filtered out for edible grade. In addition to this, for sunflower and rice bran oil, an addition process of dewaxing is also carried out for separating our wax.

Batch Type Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

Batch Type Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant, procedures are carried out in series of neutralizing, bleaching & deodorizing for a measured quantity of oils. Batch process is recommended for plants capacity as it is low cost and easy to operate. There are present different foreign impurities and unfiltered matter from the seed such as gums, mucilage, coloured & in crude oil extracted from expellers or solvent extraction plant. The free fatty acids (FFA) present in oil deteriorate the quality, thus, making its unfit for edible purpose.

Automation Grade Automatic
Capacity 5-25 ton/day
Usage vegetable oil
Material Steel
Type Batch Type

The batch refining process consists of following section :
  • Neutralizing / Degumming
  • Bleaching Section
  • Deodorizing Section.

First stage is neutralizing process in caustic soda treatment is performed to remove free fatty acids (FFA). For removing color from the oil, further processing is down in bleaching section under vacuum conditions using bleaching earth and activated carbon. High vacuum and temperature is also maintained for deodorizing and removing odor from oil. The quality of edible oil extracted from the batch refinery is good, in accordance with the international standard. Dewaxing is an added process carried out after bleaching, especially in case of sunflower and rice bran oil.

The equipment involved are Neutralizer, Bleacher, Deodorizer, Heat Exchanger, High & low vacuum equipment & Filters. Shreeji plant with batch process have been operating at number of places, processing variety of vegetable oils.

Batch Type Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant

Cooking Oil Refinery Plant

We bring forth the most developed range of Cooking Oil Refinery Plant, which is used for the processing of edible oil. Oil is processed in refinery through various processes such as deodorizing, bleaching and neutralizing.

Automation Grade Automatic
Capacity 5-25 ton/day
Usage Soyabean Oil, Peanut Oil
Processing Continuous processing , Batch Type processing
Material Steel

Oil that is processed through the refinery is light in color and known for its excellent quality. During the processing of oil, we filter out the fatty acids present in oil, so that it can match up to the grade of edible oil. Besides, dewaxing process is carried out for rice bran oil and sunflower oil, in order to separate the wax from final range. In batch type vegetable Oil Refinery plant, processes are carried out by deodorizing, bleaching and neutralizing of certain quantity of oil. As the batch process is easy to operate and low in cost

Unfiltered matter and various impurities from seed like coloured, mucilage and gums are present in crude oil which is extracted from the expellers of from the solvent extraction plant. Free Fatty Acids (FFA), deteriorate the quality, as they are already present in oil, thus making it unsuitable for the edible purpose.

Process of Batch refining comprises following sections:
  • Neutralizing / Degumming
  • Bleaching Section
  • Deodorizing Section

Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery

Unlike batch oil refining process in which oil is processed in measured batch, in Continuous Vegetable Oil Refinery, crude oil is processed continuously with a constant stream of flow. During the process, necessary chemicals and other utility items added continuously in the measured quantity. There are present foreign impurities such as gums, mucilage and unfiltered proteinous matter from the seed in the crude oil extracted from expellers. It also contains gums which makes the oil unfit for edible purpose.

Type Continuous
Material Steel
Operated by PLC
Automatic Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Basic stages of the process are as below :
  • Nutralizing
  • Bleaching
  • Dewaxing & Deodorizing

Bleaching Section
  • In the bleaching section, high vacuum is created in which the neutralized washed oil is pumped into the bleacher vessel for remove excess color from oil
  • Firstly, the oil is heated for complete removal of excess moisture and post that, it is treated with measured quantity of bleaching earth & activated carbon
  • Later on, the oil passes through a filter media (pressure leaf / filter press) for the separation of spent bleach earth and bleached oil
  • From bleaching section, the oil obtained is clear golden in color

Dewaxing And Winterisation (Fractionation)
  • With this Dewaxing and Winterization (Fractionation), the oil produced is clear and brilliantly refined oil and to meet certain specifications of cloud point.
  • As compared to other oil, sunflower and rice bran oil contain waxes and hence, specially subjected to de-waxing process called Winterization Plant. Through this process, the oil is get separated from waxes thus producing sparkling good quality edible oils.
  • For the complete removal of wax from oil, firstly, the oil is first processed in crystallizer where cooling is done by chilled water circulation. In this process, crystals are formed from the wax and after this, it is passed through the filtration process. Post wax separation, the de-waxed oil is collected.
  • For uniform cooling and effective nuclei growth of particle, the crystallizer designed geometrically.

Deodorizing Section
  • This process ensures the improved quality of oil with its enhanced shelf life
  • Directly charged to deodorizer or through heat exchanger, the bleached oil is heated under high temperature and high vacuum to obtain odorless clear oil
  • Post processing, the extracted oil obtained is odorless and light in color
  • In order to obtain sparkling light color and odorless oil for packing, post cooling, the oil is passed through polishing filter

Dry Fractionation
  • Our expertise lies in providing low operating cost fractionation plant that is designed for producing high olien and soft stearin yields. This plant is PLC programmed for efficient working and reliability.
  • In rotary vacuum drum filter, the continuous separation of stearin and olien is carried out. In comparison to this process, crystallization process works on the perfect principle of developing and growing particles size for easy smooth separation of Stearin and Olien.

  • Also known as fat modification, Hydrogenation involves a unique 3 phase process system comprising of solid (nickel catalyst), liquid (oil) and gas (hydrogen). Further a selective reaction, by bringing gas-hydrogen, liquid-oil to the solid-Ni Catalyst and this technological concept formalized an Engineering Design. We offer hydrogenation / fat modification plant, which have several benefits.

Edible Oil Refinery Plant

We bring forth the most developed range of Edible Oil Refinery Plant, which is used for the processing of edible oil. Oil is processed in refinery through various processes such as deodorizing, bleaching and neutralizing. The edible oil refinery can refine almost all types of oils. The refined oil quality depends on the type of crude oil and its chemical structure.

Automation Grade Automatic, Semi-Automatic
Capacity 5-20 ton/day
Usage Soyabean Oil, Peanut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cotton Seed Oil, Palm Fruit Oil, Edible Oil
Power (kw) 100-150 kW
Material Steel

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